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As the Omega Replica Watches,Best Replica Watches,Replica Watches associate editor for Monochrome Watches, my daily job is to Omega Replica Watches inform you about the latest watches, share industry news, and review timepieces we think are worth your Omega Replica Watches attention. Meaning: I am a watch journalist. This also means that I am a watch collector and enthusiast. Three Omega Replica Watches categories of watches are on my wish list: The new watches of the year I would like to have (after seeing them at Baselworld or SIHH), and the classics that would look great in any Omega Replica Watches collection (e.g. A Submariner or Speedmaster are my top choices, but I also want the true dream-machines. There are many... but this watch is my favorite. It could be considered very classic by non-aficionados, but it is filled with so Omega Replica Watches many unique details. This is the iconic FP Journe Chronometre Bleu. Here is why I love this timepiece.Omega Replica Watches

The FP Journe Chronometre bleu is more than a dial. It's a unique Omega Replica Watches case and an outstanding movement. You buy a FPJourne Chronometre bleu, you are buying a story. It is a watch that represents a man, and the soul he has put into its design, Omega Replica Watches conception, and assembly. The difference between large brands like the Holy Trinity (Patek Philippe and Vacheron Constantin) and independent watchmakers (Kari Voutilainen and Omega Replica Watches Laurent Ferrier), isn't the quality of the finish or the complexity. The first brands offer a heritage, a history, and traditions. However, this is a brand. In the case with indy-Omega Replica Watches watchmakers you are invited into the mind of the designer to share a piece of your feelings and soul. These watches are more special because of their personal bias (to me ...).). The Omega Replica Watches watch's makers are in direct contact with you.Omega Replica Watches

Let's move on to Best Replica Watches the FP Journe Chronometre Bleu. Francois-Paul Best Replica Watches Journe introduced an entry-level watch in his collection in 2011. He's not a straightforward guy with simple ideas. Best Replica Watches He has a watch that features two balance wheels and works under the influence of resonance. His tourbillon is equipped with a remontoire-d'egalite (a constant force device), and all of his watches are made of solid gold. It was not an easy idea to Best Replica Watches come up with the entry-level idea. Francois-Paul Journe therefore decided to use the Chronometre Suverain as a basis, but not in steel. This would have been far too unexpected. The dial is also different. In fact, the FP Journe Chronometre Bleu actually has Best Replica Watches the most complex dial in the collection. This watch does not get rid of its solid gold movement.Best Replica Watches

Let's start with the case Omega Replica Watches. There are two reasons why the FP Journe Best Replica Watches Chronometre Bleu stands out in this collection. The first is its size. It is 39mm in size, which is a middle ground Best Replica Watchesbetween the 38mm (but now discontinued), and the larger 40mm cases. Although it is only 1mm, it can slightly alter the appearance of the watch. The 38mm case is perfect for dressier Omega Replica Watches watches that are more formal. The Chronometre Bleu, however, isn't as elegant as the red gold/white dial Chronometre Sûrerain. It's not a sport watch. The 39mm watch is very well balanced and feels great on the wrist.Omega Replica Watches

Another Omega Replica Watches reason this case is different is obvious. It has a particular Omega Replica Watches colour. This is darker than white gold or stainless steel (even more dark than titanium), and a very cold grey with blueish reflections. This comes from the use of tantalum, a rare Omega Replica Watches and extremely strong metal (highly corrosion-resistant). It is not used in jewelry or horology for one reason. It is difficult to machine and finish. This metal has been used Omega Replica Watches by very few brands, including Hublot, Audemars Piguet, and FP Journe. FP Journe, however, is the only brand that can create a fully polished case in tantalum. This is done in-house at the case manufacturing facility of the brand and is Omega Replica Watches completely integrated with the FP Journe processes. Tantalum is a dark, hardy metal that can be scratched easily and heavy. This is something some people appreciate when they buy high-end watches.Omega Replica Watches The FP Journe Chronometre Blue case design remains true to Journe Omega Replica Watches tradition. It has a rounded bezel, solid lugs which go downwards on the wrist, and a slim fluted crown. The eccentricity is not due to the shape, but the material. Another distinctive feature of the FP Journe Chronometre Blueu is its dial. Its stunning, brilliant, and profoundly blue dial is another. The chrome Omega Replica Watches blue colour comes from multiple layers blue lacquer that are applied by hand. Each layer is polished to a mirror finish prior to the next. Francois-Paul Journe says that this dial, also made in-house at the dial manufacturer, is the most complex and Omega Replica Watches many of them don't conform to the commercialization standards. To keep the best, they are destr Omega Replica Watches