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The Omega Replica Watches first watch was a great watch, but it Omega Aqua Terra Replica wasn't perfect. We forgive them for that, as it was their first attempt at the watchmaking business. It looked a little too shy, was too big on the wrist (corrected later) and definitely lacked a lot of soul. All these things are improved by the Ophion Omega Aqua Terra Replica OPH786.The OPH 786 is true to the original brand idea: it offers a little bit of haute horlogerie at a reasonable price. It retains the best elements of the original watch, but improves significantly on others. Some features are reserved for much more expensive watches.Omega Aqua Terra Replica

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Omega Aqua Terra Replica

It is stunning in Omega Aqua Terra Replica its decoration. The brand's craftsmen inspect their Omega Aqua Terra Replica work with a magnifying glass that magnifies x10 to ensure flawless results. The spokes are slim and long, inspired by Berthoud's work. The bridges are satin-finished with Omega Aqua Terra Replica straight-grained flanks. Maillechort is used for the plate and bridges. Some jewels are set into finely polished chatons.Ferdinand Berthoud FB1 is a complex case with an octagonal design and a fluted crown. It measures 44mm in diameter and is Omega Aqua Terra Replica made from platinum, the most precious of metals. The design is inspired by marine chronometers with their gimbal suspension. Two angular brancards, which are attached to the case's middle and wrap around a cylindrical container of the same Omega Aqua Terra Replica size, are placed on top. The movement is viewed through four lateral portholes that offer interesting views. The sapphire crystal's domed shape is very attractive and creates a cool distortion effect when viewed from an angle. You can flip the watch upside down to see the sapphire exhibition caseback, which gives you a front row view of the exceptional hand-wound calibre and its Omega Aqua Terra Replica constant force mechanism.

The finish is Omega Replica flawless and top-of-the-line. On the lateral decorative Omega Aqua Terra Replica element is inscribed the individual limited edition number. The maillechort dial, which is relevant to the gold Omega Aqua Terra Replica editions of the series, has a satin-brushed finish. The delicate process of creating it is one gesture. The black Omega Aqua Terra Replica lacquered hour and minute counters are available. The power reserve is indicated by the recessed counter at 9 o’clock (haut stands for high, bas for low). It comes with a pair of Omega Aqua Terra Replica dagger-shaped hours, minutes and hands. A slim central sweep seconds hand is also included with an elegant counterweight.Omega Aqua Terra Replica

The perfect finishing touch to the look is an alligator strap. We Omega Aqua Terra Replica wouldn't expect anything less from the brand. It is made from alligator leather and has rolled edges. The safety folding buckle is made from platinum. It has a beautiful finish with perlage and polished surfaces. The extension system is quick and easy to Omega Aqua Terra Replica adjust.Monochrome readers will be familiar with the story of Ophion. We introduced it to you and gave away the OPH960, their first watch. Don't let the young brand fool you. In less than two years, a new watch has been released - and it is Omega Aqua Terra Replica available exclusively here. The Ophion OPH 786 is here. It's cool, it looks great, the content is amazing for the price, and there's even a new movement... All you need to fall in love.Omega Aqua Terra Replica

What is Replica Watches Ophion? It is one of the many watch brands that make these Omega Aqua Terra Replica watches. However, no Kickstarter here, no Miyota movement, no crazy design. There is a passion. Miguel had a simple idea when he founded the brand: to bring a little bit of haute horlogerie into an affordable, elegant watch with nice execution (no Omega Aqua Terra Replica ETA or Seiko, and no basic 3-hander automatic movement in fact). Many of us dream of Laurent Ferrier or Patek Philippe. Miguel and Journe were both there. Ophion could not bring these watches at a lower price, as there is no magic formula. Ophion was able to share some of the joy with clever tricks.The Omega Aqua Terra Replica Ophion OPH960 was their first watch. They wanted to stand out from the crowd of Kickstarter-funded young brands by adding a subtle design, elegance, and class. We love Omega Aqua Terra Replica Monochrome's 5-day power reserve, manual wound movement. This movement was not only technically sound, but also looked great with its nicely curved bridges, large (machine-made) chamfers. The OPH 960 was a new mechanical Omega Aqua Terra Replica watch that offered a more enjoyable experience than a Miyota / ETA-powered watch at a cost of EUR 1,600.Omega Aqua Terra Replica