Welder wrist watch give us a different vision feeling in the distinct appearance. It possess its unique charm that someone would keep it in the mind. There is a saying can describe it’s style:Have been copied never been surpassed. Welder wrist watch includes various models, each model has its own style, size and distinction.

Welder watch, in stainless steel, measures 40mm, 50mm, 46mm and 53mm that depending on different model, match with quartz hands. It is water resistant to 50 or100 meters. The watches’ surface are sapphire crystal and Mineralglas, with the straps made in textile fabric or cowhide. This timepiece equip with many functions showing Greenwich mean time, year and date and used as a Chronograph. A small Welder watch own many characters. Wearing one Welder watch making you looks more active and your life will be more different to others.

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